“I am a wanderer and a mountain climber…”

“…he said to his heart, I do not like the plains and it seems I cannot sit for long.”

Zarathustra, the literary/philosophical representation of the great potential & purity of the Everyman (and/or the “Overman”) is my initial focus here … The Wandering hero, an ever-learning, ever-achieving embodiment of both mortal ability immortal bliss… of higher spiritual consciousness, withdraws to the mountains, a possible metaphor for the spiritual quest man often finds himself battling against.

What was Nietzsche telling us, as his hero ultimately withdrew from the hidden cave & descended from the mountain in order to share his wisdom with humanity? 

Why had Zarathustra set out into the world?  To find what? To learn what? What animal within compelled him so? 

The return of strength through individual learned life lessons & spiritual achievement, I seek… this blog, my keeper & journal of such learned (& remarkably unlearned) reflections & understandings.

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One Response to “I am a wanderer and a mountain climber…”

  1. This is from THUS SPOKE ZARATHUSTRA, by F. Nietzsche

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