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first day back since getting sick

Today, Saturday, was my first day back on the trail since getting hit hard by the flu bug last week. Baby Holland brought it home about 2 weeks ago, suffered little with it, but spread it throughout the house nonetheless. … Continue reading

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my trailrunning.2

I was running King’s Crown the other day with 2 other trailrunners, Chris and his bar-owning buddy who brings his cool dog along sometimes. We ran the 3 main hills and started our way back along the bottom trail when … Continue reading

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some things about my trailrunning.1

I don’t know the exact date of when I began trailrunning, but it wasn’t that long ago. I didn’t even realize such an amazing, beneficial and pleasurable thing existed this time last year. I had no idea. Yes, yes… it … Continue reading

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an intercepted text conversation open for interpretation

“Ran out of money with no way to make trademark payment. Had to overdraw my account to get into a poker game. Won 1100. Still short. Played again yesterday to get the last 200 but lost 400. Was on my … Continue reading

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