an intercepted text conversation open for interpretation

“Ran out of money with no way to make trademark payment. Had to overdraw my account to get into a poker game. Won 1100. Still short. Played again yesterday to get the last 200 but lost 400. Was on my way back out but then one of my sponsors finally came through with 5 grand.

Not a bad story but even I’m getting sick of hearing this crap.

For some reason I’ve chosen a state of being where I’m in a perpetual state of drowning and surviving. I think if I were here by chance it would be an impressive tale of hardship and survival. Unfortunately , I’m beginning to understand that this is entirely intentional and I feel like a washed-up actor that’s been typecast and forced to perform in a tired and un-entertaining role.

Ignore me. I’m half crazed on aderol trying to make another fake deadline that I’ve set for myself.”

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