my trailrunning.2

I was running King’s Crown the other day with 2 other trailrunners, Chris and his bar-owning buddy who brings his cool dog along sometimes. We ran the 3 main hills and started our way back along the bottom trail when Chris, who was running 3rd, said something about how he had recently “bit it” on another trailrun. As soon as the words “bit” passed thru his lips and entered my ears, 1 of my stupid feet suddenly grabbed hold of a root or a rock or something and catapulted my body forward, into the middle air and violently back down to the rough trailground.

I was running first, the bar guy and his cool dog directly behind me. Flying thru the air, instinctively I dropped my right shoulder low. My left hand soft against the firm ground, a root, I believe, slightly guiding the turning-fall forward, and so I ended up rolling straight thru the fall, forward-flow and popped-up back running full speed. All of that, I imagine, had to have taken slightly less than 2 seconds, as I barely lost any kick off my pace from fall start to recovery.

I wish I could have seen it from bar-owning and cool dog guy’s point-of-view.

The specific roll used was 1 of a # of basic rolls we would practice on certain randomly-designed Saturday workouts at Wah Lum. It was just a simple Forward Roll.

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