first day back since getting sick

Today, Saturday, was my first day back on the trail since getting hit hard by the flu bug last week.

Baby Holland brought it home about 2 weeks ago, suffered little with it, but spread it throughout the house nonetheless. Alayne then caught it and it totally kicked her ass to the moon. She was out of work for 2 days and that NEVER happens. Alayne does not miss work  –EVER. 

Holland’s morning congestion through the week was a chronic & constant reminder of the sobering reality of the threat and fear of Swine Flu. Every morning, the mass-paranoia of Swine Flu littered the AM news show streamers. Alayne pumped her breasts as I fed Holland and we all would watch this, sipping our 1st warm coffees and milks of the day.

Bragging to myself and to others that I had warded off the viral contamination because of my superior German immune system, I heroically fought my way through a tough, weeklong battery of 4AM wake-ups & physical nonstops at work. The week was grueling and draining and ultimately, I caught the funk. That was 2 Fridays ago. The funk hit me first in the throat and I knew something was up… but at that point it was too late. It was nothing but a fast forward sitcom to hell… a rapid-slow stumble into illness.

Plenty of cold medicine and beer throughout the weekend, I still functioned as best I could –minus anything truly physical. There would definitely be no trailrunning, outside basic core training or my Tuesday workout with Jarrad. (And I missed the Tuesday before because of Alayne’s serious bout of nasty funk) So anyway, that was last week. I still played basketball Wednesday night & dominated with Lance, but that’s another entry. I started out tired and weak, but finished strong.

I ran today, Saturday, which is exactly 8 days after I initially felt the cold’s tell-tale signs in my throat. Alayne & Holland went to a purse party so I straightened up the house and then took off. I did some other stuff, too.  Running was a constant in the back of my mind. Would I go? Maybe not. Of course I’m running… as soon as I take care of my chores. Oh yes, I went to Angel Food & picked up this month’s order. Also went to McDonalds and got a free McGriddle from a Monopoly sticker I won the night before.

I ran King’s Crown –in reverse. Which means I ran along the 3 bottom shorelines of the hills first, then ran up & down the 3 hills, Everest Hill being the last one. I ran the easy trails first (in order to warm up, I rationalized) & then finished with the more strenuous trails last.

It was a good run. It was a cold day (mid 40’s and dreary) so I wore one of my brother’s long sleeve MNYMKR shirts (“I can’t feel my face”) and a cotton skull-cap I luckily had stuffed away in the car trunk.

Leaves littered the pathways up & down so much that the dangerous roots & stones were a constant tripping concern. I had to keep my feet up, which meant basically I had to run strong throughout. I thought about 3 things: getting a new job, quitting my current job, & the Halloween mask I made the night prior. These 3 things kept me going until I was running down the final wooded alleyway to the forest’s entry/exit portal. God I hope I get a new job.

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