How Halloween 2009 was spent

I didn’t sleep much through the All-Hallow’s Eve; Alayne suddenly became violently ill and the night was already cosmically shaped.

She would whisper in-between bouts of cranial pain, “It’s the nausea brought on by the migraine…” And then she would trail off, so I kept guard and care of Holland throughout the rest of the night.

I had her with me through the rest of my random, slightly drunken core exercises. I cooked my steak with her wrapped around me in a warm sling. I fed my daughter, put her to sleep, and kept vigil over the baby monitor. I did not sleep much, I don’t think..

It was 4 in the morning when Holland woke up for good, her little baby belly empty and hungry. My eyes had already been open in the dark when I the monitor began to cry out.

I went upstairs and found Alayne sitting up in bed, pumping and drinking hot tea. The tv and bedroom light were on. She looked and felt better. Relief flushed across my face and I handed off daughter duty… After that, it’s a blur right now. I believe I was still drunk. The 16.5% alcohol to volume bourbon-headed beer I had bartered for earlier had hammered me pretty hard, it seemed.

I may have laid down again for awhile. When I got up, I took an order and went to McDonalds and bought Alayne and I all sorts of greasy breakfast food. I used the remainder of the cash I had hustled for the day before.

Bartering and hustling… Halloween was a drizzling cold 58 to 60 degree day.

After I ate, I ran King’s Crown. Standard, one-two-three and back along the lake.

In the end, I was dizzy & weakened from all of my private party transmografications.

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