New Job Run

Within an hour of receiving the day’s great news (a godsend of a job offer), I was on the trail.

SideNoted Distraction: I had two teeth (#4 and his twin across the upper plate, #13) removed a few fresh hydrocodoned days earlier. The stitches were black, I imagined, and were constantly being tongued, checked with my mouth’s big, dry pink tenticle. The holes were still fresh, messy little extracted tooth caverns.

Anyway, this was the first real exercise since then. This was the first real thing to get the blood pumping through the head system.

So I was trailrunning within the hour. It was my celebration run. My final run to reflect on what had just happened… the landing of the amazing job. The 4 lengthy, probing interviews. 2 by intelligent, powerful PhD Giants… The VP… The Dean… The Director… The group interview of full testing wordplay. My face would cry out in smiling grimaces of mercy. 

Oh, I questioned myself as I turned each familiar turn through King’s Crown, how many runs in the past had I tried to figure out how I was going to get to where I wanted to be? Generally, I had no answer, but felt better regardless. I at least recognized my faith, and the potential power of my faith. All the accomplishments I had gained due to my faith alone.

But was it faith in myself? Faith in what? Was it myself? I didn’t know. I just knew that somehow it would work itself out. I just hoped it would be soon.

Yes, the situation seemed impossible, but possible at the same time. Something crazy would have to happen… Something pretty cool, something would come out of the beautiful blue sky, or something like that. And I knew from multiple past personal experiences that crazy things like that sometimes do indeed happen.

I had faith in the amazing force of God and knew, that if I flew straight, as the best man I thought I could be, that I would be rewarded with a  perfect solution.

I also knew of God’s amazing sense of irony and humor.

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