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invisible to most I cut right through it

invisible to most I cut right through it- flying past the first few yards of the portal’s branches tickling,  the indigenous fingers were wooded naked and checked against my face as the freezing mountain drizzle kept scattered pace with avoided roots, stumps and slicks. the day was neither … Continue reading

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Cold Weather Trailrunning: 40F & Below

This weekend was my first opportunity of the year to get out onto the trails and run through some really cold weather. It was a few frigid degrees below 40 and the trailhead was empty, save a few puffed-up songbirds … Continue reading

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Belk Kingdom IV, The New Look Squad

    The following post (& attached comments) is all about a basketball team built from a great group of guys who (originally) all worked together at a large department store in Knoxville, & then later morphed into a crew of good friends & allies … Continue reading

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Hard & Soft Stepping: Trailrunning Techniques for the Mud

It’s been a little over a week since starting  my new job and many things have changed, and many things have not changed at all. At this point in my life, I realize the need to redefine myself… to make some … Continue reading

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