Muay Thai Abs & More Trailrunning

With all the secondary neighborhood roads covered & quiet with a sparkling, snow-patterned sheen, I was iced-in at home from Thursday evening until Sunday afternoon.  My vehicles, frozen & at bay at the bottom the driveway, sat useless & unused.  

So, unable to escape to any area trails for my regular therapy & training, I was forced to stay close to the house & find other methods of release. It just so happened that my father sent me, a few days prior to the east tennessee freeze, a magazine cut-out on a killer muay thai ab/core  routine. I took the article out to the dojo shed & went to work.

It was a lot of muay thai fighting stances, mixed w/ leg raises (shin blocks) & crunches, raised hand & arm blocks, & twisting ground crunches. There were also a few sets of dumbbell raises & gorilla swinging for shoulder & ab conditioning. The swings are intended to be executed with absolute core concentration & abdominal tightening.

It was an excellent workout & took about 45 minutes to complete. The focus was on the form. Without proper form, little will be achieved. With the tendency to cheat & shortcut through some of the exercises, this workout type is the kind that will give you exactly what you put out.

Sunday afternoon the sky was clear enough for the sun to melt a drivable path up & out of my driveway, so I was able to get into some trailrunning. I hit King’s Crown for a little over an hour, logging about 5 miles of the beautifully hilled ups & downs.

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