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UPDATE: Dream Bits (scroll to original DB post)


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7 Samurai Life Lessons

Late last night I hunkered down in bed & watched Akira Kurosawa’s 1954 epic classic, Seven Samurai. I’ve seen this great film a couple times before, but this time around, as the story progressed & the different warrior characters were introduced & developed, I … Continue reading

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Awaken… & Live Life!!!

& so it was… this past mid-march weekend turned out to be yet another drizzling wet & bitter cold mess, but The Wanderer, determined to break away from this winter funk of inactivity, forced himself away from all the ugly distractions of the mind & ran … Continue reading

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Dream Bits (updated 3/30/10)

   Further refuge into the webbed darkness of The Controller’s brain has consequently opened strange new portals of the mind! Past Faulkner fixations, past Jarrad’s deep space human mutations, past the fretting of frail winter harvests, there lies the weird road into the gray. … Continue reading

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The Wanderer on Faulkner

The day dawned bleak and chill, a moving wall of gray light out of the northeast which, instead of dissolving into moisture, seemed to disintegrate into minute and venomous particles, like dust that, when Dilsey opened the door of the … Continue reading

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