Awaken… & Live Life!!!

& so it was… this past mid-march weekend turned out to be yet another drizzling wet & bitter cold mess, but The Wanderer, determined to break away from this winter funk of inactivity, forced himself away from all the ugly distractions of the mind & ran headfirst into the dense, dangerous woods of spring training…

"He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything."

 It was an aggressive 4-point attack on the self this weekend: 

1) Core Training: This was the easiest part of my physical re-commitment. All it took was 100+ sit-ups & crunches everyday for the last 4 days… & the final 30 sit-ups of every session were planned explosive blasts up to a tightened crunch, held for 3 seconds, & then a slow, controlled release back down with slow-burning grinders. 

2) KungFu: Saturday night my kungfu brother & I found ourselves drinking together outside in the DangerShed, thus providing an ideal opportunity to practice our WahLum 3-Slap (Soft Kung) Exercise, as well as our 2-Man 8-Punch Drill. 

3) Trailrunning: I rang up the The IceMan Sunday afternoon to see if he wanted to brave the cold & rain slop & run Kings Crown with me. He did, & humbled The Wanderer as he flew through the different winding turns with little effort, as I, ever-so-slowly, grinded up & down the 3 familiar summits like an old & tired pack mule. & today, on this fourth day of spring beginnings, The Iceman rang me up for another KingsCrown jaunt… & again, it was a tough, physical grinder for The Wanderer, but still a greatly needed & much-appreciated trailrun. 

4) Strength Training: 4 sets of (heavy!) Dumbbells Presses & (even heavier!) Shoulder Shrugs in the DangerShed every other day for 4 days.

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2 Responses to Awaken… & Live Life!!!

  1. Dad says:

    Go for it! You are my hero.

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