With the Return of Warmth, the Return of Power!

The weather has finally broke, enveloping the land & air with comforting temperatures in the 70’s & 80’s. And, as promised,  motivation & power has quickly returned to The Wanderer. I’m hearing & feeling all too clearly the subtle mental prods & awesome strokes from The Controller & leaving my office chair spinning in beautiful, looping circles as I hustle down to the school’s open-aired gym. Bench pressing & shoulder shrugging massive amounts of weight has become a daily ritual. Sit-ups, gravity crunches, & trailrunning has also picked up once again, and soon my normal prison burpees will evolve into insane Chinese flying burpees! This weather brings to mind the incredible aural sweetness of summer bird songs & wicked green plant growth. Longer days to train & to be outside & sweat out the toxins of the long, sick winter will ensure a healthy & energized push through the next 6 key months. 


Be sure to stretch constantly throughout the day. If you’re committed to change & this process of seasonal recharge, & your workout explosions are taking place at multiple intervals throughout the day, then your body will relish the time taken to stretch. Slow, controlled shoulder shrugs & neck rolling should be executed while sitting completely erect & calm in your office chair. These exercises will improve the flexibility throughout your upper back, shoulders, & arms. Regarding your gentle neck rolls, your head should be rolling down from the left to the right, with chin to your chest as your middle point along the way to the other shoulder. This will lubricate & stretch the neck joints, relieving residual tension in your neck & shoulders. Pull your head all the way back in a silent laugh of hysteria & stretch out your throat & scream at the humming tubes of office florescence! 

& Constant hydration is key! Right now, leave this nonsensical blog & find some clear, cold H2O to drink. Imbibe water, imbibe life! A colleague of mine swims everyday during her lunch hour. How much more pure of an exercise could there be?! For nearly an hour, Monday through Friday, she’s a beautiful fish, enveloped in absolute blue weightlessness! Do this if you can. If you can’t find a daily pool to sink & vanish into, then find a gym & move heavy weights around… Sweat! Bring your bicycle to work & get lost on the long, winding back country state roads of nowhereville, find a high school stadium to dominate… for your designated meal time hour, disappear into forests or patched woods… run up a mountain for 45 minutes. Whatever you do, get out of your office every day or you will become a plastic fixture. Would you rather be an ugly xerox machine or an angel fish? Leave your office chair spinning by itself!  

Pure Life Vitality

Here’s The Wanderer’s Water Lecture: As a rule, you should be drinking half of your body weight in ounces of water every day. Also, add 2 glasses of water for each cup of coffee, tea, soda, or serving of alcohol. The Wanderer struggles with this particular mandate basically every weekend! Yes, The Wanderer has this horrible sickness!   

You have no doubt heard this random fact throughout your life: the human body is composed of 75% water… & one would only survive about three or four days without some sort of hydration. Only nerve function & air is more important (or as important) for life than water. 

As well as filling you up, water is a natural aid to weight loss… it replenishes much-needed fluids to function, cures the common headache, & has been proven to be an instant energy boost. Through natural filtration, drinking a healthy amount of water can prevent kidney damage &/or strain. What else??? Oh yes, height loss & decreased nerve function has been linked to dehydration. These are all scientific facts. So, after these next few sentences, log off, & go find some good, cold & pure water & drink it. If you’re reading this in the United States, then that shouldn’t be difficult.  But The Wanderer has digressed… fallen off his original topic. Just be sure, if you plan on committing to this active lifestyle this warm spring & upcoming summer season, to stretch all your body throughout the day, both morning & afternoon, leave your office & exercise during your designated breaks; be a fish or squirrel, sit erect & as perfect as you can, & drink plenty of water!  

With The Wanderer, become your summer warrior!

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2 Responses to With the Return of Warmth, the Return of Power!

  1. Dad says:

    I am so proud of the excellant conditioning you are following thru with and the good advice you provide your friends. You would have made an exceptional chiropractor.

  2. It’s nearly 5 in the afternoon & I’m 60 ounces in! –calculations have me needing another 50 more! That’s about 1/2 my body weight in ounces, plus accounting for a big cup of coffee I had this morning.

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