Summer Solifidian

With the freedom fires of summer mere days away, The Wanderer is in full control, having rigorously prepared both his body & mind for the before-mentioned glorious & well-deserved break.

The Summer of the Hare

 The Wanderer, in total conjunction/cooperation with The Controller, has been working hard the past recent weeks, pushing heavy weights in rapid succession, hitting nearby trails in jackrabbit, summer-of-the-hare speed.

This summer, The Wanderer fully intends on, and executing the following bullet points:

  • continue intense strength training program
  • trailrun with Holland-pound weight
  • trailrun with kungfu brother on fun new trails

to be continued…

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One Response to Summer Solifidian

  1. The Brain Bening says:

    This is indeed the Summer of Joy for Noah. DAys of physical rigor & nights of mental consumption. All is falling into place.

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