Summer Pop Art


all previously work-ordered employed departments of the governing body shut down for the summer solifidian, thus allowing the culturing of The Controller’s art to  thrive. follow HIS cognitive journey thru the various below-pasted clips & collections of mixed-media, digital photographed, screen capture torq, paint & contrasted manipulation.

this was digitally photographed, uploaded, & tweaked... from lady gaga/jonas akerlund extended telephone video

They’re very much enjoying the Vh1/Mtv mornings while mother runs around & readies for work. He drinks coffee while baby she gets up on chubby knees & dances to the beautiful new idols on the wall’s flatscreen.

So far back in the warm bed & watching their cultural hot music videos on loop… Lady Gaga makes them dance & smile.

taken from same explicit video; super hot cigarette smoking face

 This summer of Holland Joy is a blessing from God for every- thing good I’ve ever done, & ever will do.

this is a random facebook shot of my brother. it's just odd...

a phOtO pOp of my dying grandfather. very sad.


kungfu brother on a path

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