Noah Matthew Bowman

The Wanderer... posing on backyard plum flowers

I am Noah Bowman, a lean m@nt!5-like man of six-four… a fighting weight of one hundred & eighty-nine pounds… officially light heavyweight… unofficially, a ever-so-dominating uber weight of cosmic space & mortal confusion.

Please enjoy this private/public site. It’s somewhat free of form, so seek out meaning at your risk. There are no followed patterns or themes, other than trailrunning & basketball… & then some other stuff.

The Wanderer, a comprised place of instances & thoughts & opinions of which I have, at some point, felt compelled to share w/ u, is meant for u,  the un & invisible u –the un-real u, the cyber u.

It is me looking so closely at myself that I am no longer looking at anything real or significant… 1 of a hundred thousand million different blogs on the net.

In closing, I invite u to comment back on anything u like, or don’t like. Nothing will be censored or omitted…. maybe.

& now some random e.e.cummings:

dead every enourmous piece
of nonsense which itself must call
a state submicroscopic is-
compared with pitying terrible
some alive individual

ten centuries of original soon
or make it ten times ten are more
than not entitled to complain
-plunged in eternal now if who’re
by the five nevers of a lear


3 Responses to Noah Matthew Bowman

  1. Martin daniel says:

    Noah, I am the producer of the Knoxville Brewfest. Please call me at 865.617.0828.

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