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Fontana Dam / AT Trailrun

Kungfu brother Jarrad & I almost met our makers yesterday. Scary shit along the AT. It was his turn to find a trail for our typical Sunday run and he found some whacked-out place at the end of “The Dragon” just past the … Continue reading

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The Catharsis of Trailrunning

Waking up Saturday morning I found that there were several important & unresolved issues running through my head. Some of the problems were financial in nature, while others dealt with upcoming work/professional obligations that would involve a great amount of prep & follow-thru… the issues were born … Continue reading

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New Job Run

Within an hour of receiving the day’s great news (a godsend of a job offer), I was on the trail. SideNoted Distraction: I had two teeth (#4 and his twin across the upper plate, #13) removed a few fresh hydrocodoned … Continue reading

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“I am a wanderer and a mountain climber…”

“…he said to his heart, I do not like the plains and it seems I cannot sit for long.” Zarathustra, the literary/philosophical representation of the great potential & purity of the Everyman (and/or the “Overman”) is my initial focus here … The Wandering hero, … Continue reading

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