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Summer Solifidian

With the freedom fires of summer mere days away, The Wanderer is in full control, having rigorously prepared both his body & mind for the before-mentioned glorious & well-deserved break.  The Wanderer, in total conjunction/cooperation with The Controller, has been working hard the … Continue reading

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Awaken… & Live Life!!!

& so it was… this past mid-march weekend turned out to be yet another drizzling wet & bitter cold mess, but The Wanderer, determined to break away from this winter funk of inactivity, forced himself away from all the ugly distractions of the mind & ran … Continue reading

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Muay Thai Abs & More Trailrunning

With all the secondary neighborhood roads covered & quiet with a sparkling, snow-patterned sheen, I was iced-in at home from Thursday evening until Sunday afternoon.  My vehicles, frozen & at bay at the bottom the driveway, sat useless & unused.   So, unable to escape to any area trails for my … Continue reading

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Hard & Soft Stepping: Trailrunning Techniques for the Mud

It’s been a little over a week since starting  my new job and many things have changed, and many things have not changed at all. At this point in my life, I realize the need to redefine myself… to make some … Continue reading

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my trailrunning.2

I was running King’s Crown the other day with 2 other trailrunners, Chris and his bar-owning buddy who brings his cool dog along sometimes. We ran the 3 main hills and started our way back along the bottom trail when … Continue reading

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some things about my trailrunning.1

I don’t know the exact date of when I began trailrunning, but it wasn’t that long ago. I didn’t even realize such an amazing, beneficial and pleasurable thing existed this time last year. I had no idea. Yes, yes… it … Continue reading

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