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Race Season

Kungfu Brothers Reach Another Benchmark This photo was taken after the 3rd (of 10?) trail races from the Knoxville Track Club’s Tredden Trodden Trail Race Series. This run was a tuff 8.5 miler that weaved in & out of every applicable … Continue reading

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Fontana Dam / AT Trailrun

Kungfu brother Jarrad & I almost met our makers yesterday. Scary shit along the AT. It was his turn to find a trail for our typical Sunday run and he found some whacked-out place at the end of “The Dragon” just past the … Continue reading

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Dominating The Smoky Mountain Chimney Tops: A Trailrunner’s Chi Expression & Method of Hard Release

    My kungfu brother & I finally had enough of our vital energies aligned to trailrun The Chimney Tops, a 2-mile, straight-up trail with large rocks & crazy roots & other true tests of the mental & physical! It … Continue reading

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a tale forthcoming… this story has been temporarily delayed. please enjoy the replacement.

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Awaken… & Live Life!!!

& so it was… this past mid-march weekend turned out to be yet another drizzling wet & bitter cold mess, but The Wanderer, determined to break away from this winter funk of inactivity, forced himself away from all the ugly distractions of the mind & ran … Continue reading

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Possible Headline: Modest Eastern Tennessee Snow Dump Promises To Ensure Some Interesting Weekend Trailrunning!

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Trailrunning & Muay Thai Abdominal/Core Training w/ My 65 Year Old Father

This past weekend my father & stepmother traveled to eastern Tennessee (via northern Virginia) for another wildly successful & entertaining visit with me, my wife & (most importantly) Little Baby Holland Joy. Physically fit like no other father I know of, my pop easily took the challenge … Continue reading

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